Close Yet So Far

As human beings, our perception of the world is inseparably connected to the place we live in. In big and small scale, landscape and landmarks build our sense of belonging, tying memories of our life experience to a grain of sand. Places connect our identity as well as our society.

As we grow up, the places may change their appearance, but the feeling of a special relationship remains. Returning to the place, we recall how we felt when we were younger, gaining deeper understanding.

Especially as children we explore our surroundings and shape them according to our imagination. In nondescript pieces of land neglected by adults we create special places of adventure and refuge.

CLOSE YET SO FAR explores the artist's personal memory of her childhood dens, combining the descriptive quality of photography with the possibility of drawing from memory.

The work plays with the notion that our personal perception of the present is based on nothing but a collection of memories of past experiences, and that just like drawings, they might not always be entirely accurate.

Ink/Scratching on large format contact prints.