20/10/29 "Nicht müde werden" in Die Zeit

Publication of "Nicht müde werden" in Die Zeit  45/2020.

“Nicht müde werden” was published on page 2 and 3 of this week’s issue of Die Zeit alongside an excellent article by Caterina Lobenstein and an equally insightful comment by Alexander Jorde. It helps understand why the time is running for the German healthcare system, why the pandemic is just the tip of the iceberg and why it is incredibly important to listen to nurses and let them speak when trying to solve the problem. It is in all of our interest that the conditions change, longterm.

20/10/15 Cornel West in Hannover

Publication by the philosophical research institute Hannover on the discussion with Cornel West in 2014.

In 2014, I had the honour to meet the American philosopher Cornel West in Hannover where he engaged with pupils of the local school in a discussion on justice in context of religion, racism and democracy. Last month, the philosophical research institute Hannover published his timeless thoughts in a concise brochure for everyone to revisit, accompanied by my pictures. Thank you Ana Honnacker, Ronja Heymann, Jürgen Manemann and Landeshauptstadt Hannover for the collaboration and congrats to Text & Dialog. to the beautiful layout!

20/08/30 Moving! A new start with the MA Photography & Society in The Hague

van full of boxes ready to move

Tomorrow I will join the Master Students at “Photography & Society” at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands – so excited to expand my horizon!

20/08/13 NICHT MÜDE WERDEN at freiraum für fotografie in Berlin

Installation view of "Nicht muede werden" as a part of "Selected Works: Lumix Festival for young photojournalism" at Freiraum für Fotografie Galerie in Berlin in August 2020.

„Nicht müde werden“ is a part of „SELECTED WORKS: LUMIX FESTIVAL FÜR JUNGEN BILDJOURNALISMUS“ happening at freiraum für fotografie in Berlin August 14th, 2020 — September 27th 2020, showing my work alongside 11 other amazing photographers from around the world.

Part of the program is also a live-talk on August 26th, 19.00. So looking forward to this chance to connect with you in person!

20/07/02 Sir Greene International Research Grant

Bread and a confirmation for a research grant on bread

Today I got the confirmation that I received the Sir-Greene International Research grant 2020. Despite the current situation that makes research abroad impossible, I am excited to know that I will be supported by the Sir Hugh Carlton Greene Foundation by the Press Club Hannover in the future — to look at bread in order to understand capitalism.

20/06/26 HAZ People's Choice Award

Nicht muede werden — Nurse on intensive care station with technical equipment

“Nicht müde werden” won the People’s Choice Award at this year’s Lumix Festival Hannover! So happy and grateful!

A big thank you to everyone who voted and to the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung for sponsoring, and another big thank you to everyone who helped me make these pictures exist. So many hands helped in so many different places!=)

Check the online presentation to learn about how awesome nurses are!


Also, make sure you use the opportunity to check out all the impressive photo stories that are part of the festival, delivered to your desk for free – gems and jewels wait for you, go dig!

20/06/19 Lumix Festival Digital starts today

It’s on! Despite all the challenges that came with the current pandemic, today marks the official start of the Lumix Festival which my work “Nicht müde werden” about the working conditions of nurses in German hospitals is a part of.

I’m incredibly thankful to the whole team behind the festival who made the effort to shift the festival into the digital world. In the past, I have been a part of setting the festival up, and know how many hours go into making young visual journalism accessible.
Thanks especially to Jonas Dengler and Kai Nolda who made it possible that we can also hear the voices of my protagonist nurses commenting on what determines their everyday work experience. Thorid, Jennifer and Anna, so thanks for sharing your perspective!
Find the results here: